Replacements for Brother laser printers

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 Replacements for Brother laser printers

Using substitutes in Brother laser printers

   Brother takes a slightly different approach to laser printer technology than its main competitors. This manufacturer uses the toners and image drums as separate components in all printers. In this article I will explain whether it is safe and convenient to use replacement toners and drums in Brother printers.

Is it safe to use substitutes in Brother laser printers?

Yes. The use of good replacement toners does not affect the life of the printer, and any possible damage. When buying a new device, we are often concerned not to expose it to faults. Today's replacement production process is very professional and these toners are in no way inferior to their original counterparts.

What is the difference between genuine Brother toner cartridges and replacements?

Original toners have many patented features that replacement manufacturers try to get around. The most common difference is usually the appearance - replacements may differ slightly in the appearance of the cartridge. However, this does not cause any difference in use. Replacements are also produced in other factories by other manufacturers. Just like original products, they have a manufacturer's warranty.

How to distinguish a good Brother toner replacement from a poor one?

Replacements are divided into two groups: made of 100% new parts, and remanufactured. The former are composed of new parts, which always perform better than the old ones. Such toners can be found in our store

Photosensitive drums

In Brother laser printers, not only the toner is replaced, but also the photosensitive drum. Depending on the model, this is done once every 6-10 toner changes. Fortunately, manufacturers of replacements also thought about this element and so our offer also includes inexpensive Brother printer drums

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